Our CV Writing Testimonials

"Thank you for your fantastic CV. It is perfect"
- Dr Ronald McFarlene (MD), Chicago, USA

"Brilliant CV, I got the job after I used you for the CV and interview tips…"
- Maya Blake, Deustche Bank

"I would like to use your services again because I know I will get another architecture opportunity in Dubai after I finish this assignment in six months. The client was very impressed …."
- Abdullah, Saudi Arabia


Jane is one of our many graduate clients. She accessed the Service before pursuing a degree at Goldsmith’s College, landed internship opportunities, then returned recently to target her CV for media and related fields.

"I benefited tremendously from the CV service. At the time I registered, I was not sure how to present my CV for part-time work while I was studying. The service helped me a great deal to get a part-time job and recently, helped me to get unto a graduate programme."


Another recent client. Well, he first accessed our services in 1998 when he undertook work placement at an employment resource centre. Then he re-wrote his CV to become an IT / Tutor Support Worker. Recently, as an IT Engineer.

"I am thankful to the Service for helping me to draft a more professional-looking CV"


After a revamp of her CV, Quirina landed a job as Legal Clerk at the Law Society. After completing her LLB, she landed a training programme with a top American full-function law firm.

"I am glad I found this company. The consultants know what they are doing and the services are very slick. When I sat with someone, I felt that person is listening to me and not watching the clock"


Rita nurtured two sons for 30 years before deciding to return to full-time employment last year. And both her sons became successful computer programmers working in companies a few yards apart in the City! Rita said she enjoyed returning to the workplace.

"I feel valued as an older person and the CV Service genuinely helps you with your needs"


George was a client way back in 1993! He used our service to get employment as a plumber. THEN returned for a CV to establish his thriving heating business.

Within the last year, he took a more creative route into teaching Salsa and varied Latin American dance disciplines. And made another CV as a freelancer!

"When I first came to the CV Service, I was worried all my skills in different areas might not be reflected on one paper. But the revamp was excellent, nothing was left out, only arranged according to areas of importance on each type of CV. I am glad I returned for professional assistance"


Tracey is one of our youngest clients and secured employment in Administration soon after accessing the service. She is also a part-time model and has long-term aspirations to become an actress.

"I know I will be using the service in the future as I change career," Tracey said. "They are very professional and it feels like they read your mind before you start talking!"